I reached out to Namitha for help with my teenage son. She has been talking to him to understand his thoughts, feelings and the impact of those on his behavior; She has gained his trust as a result of which he is opening up to her and is comfortable talking to her and is sharing his fears, apprehensions and other conflicts going on in his mind.
Namitha has also helped me understand and work on myself. Recognizing what was causing stress/worry and dealing with that had led to more tranquility and peace in my life. She has been patient with me as I work on myself and has constantly and firmly held my hand and walked me through a journey of self-discovery and change.
I am glad I reached out to Namitha. I am already seeing a change in my son and myself and am happy that we are in safe hands. I recommend her for adolescent/teenage counselling, family counselling and individual counselling.


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