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First session

People often feel a rainbow of emotions leading up to their first session, and great relief once they finally get everything off their chest. You don’t need to have your thoughts in order, or a coherent story to present at your session. Show up as you are.

The first session is where your psychologist will dive into your world and figure out what will work best for you as an individual. They will gently guide you through and carefully listen to your experiences. So you will leave your session feeling deeply heard


We help you see yourself and situations as they truly are. We harness the power of awareness to allow change.


We help you accept who you are just the way you are to begin the process of meaningful self-improvement.


We help you to free yourself from unhealthy attachments and harmful coping strategies. Free yourself from emotional scars and unhealthy patterns that may be driving negative behaviour.


We hold the space for you to take control over your own life, to build confidence and self esteem to become the best and true version of yourself.

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