Hey Namita
My testimonial

One of the things am truly grateful for in 2022 is prioritizing self healing and having found Namita to help me achieve that. I thought of changing my therapist end of Dec 2021 as it was getting monotonous and was scrolling through an influencer’s page i follow and I came up on few therapist recommendations. I shortlisted two of them and of course Namita being the proactive person she is connected with me and I thought of giving it a shot.

It’s only been a month but she has given me so many perspectives over many facets of my personality and thoughts that I have begun putting into practise. Infact in the first session she cracked so many things of my personality that it was a relief and an assurance for me that things are going to work out between us.

What I love about Namita is her honesty, her energy and her commitment to better the other person because it shows up every time we talk. She is committed to healing the other person and pushes those right buttons that makes you think of aspects that is hidden within you. She gives me the space to share the darkest parts of me without any judgement and accepts it whole heartedly.

After every session, i know that although it might be a long journey of healing for me, but I will make it because that’s how she ends every session. That’s also the reason why I religiously look forward to her sessions and also secretly, don’t want to end those dedicated hour slots.

I know it’s the beginning of my journey of self love but I am glad that I am doing with Namita because at this point, I can think of no one better than her to get me there.


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