I had been jumping from one form of therapy to another, with different counselors for almost seven years until I began my session with Namitha. Her therapy sessions brought in the much-needed stability I always sought during my adult life.

In the last seven months, my evolution and growth have resulted from Namitha’s iron-will commitment towards my well-being. It didn’t take me long to realize that Namitha, as my therapist, is the one person who will always be on my side. This realization has been monumental in the tremendous improvement I have experienced in the last months.

She built a safe space for me, where I know I can rely on her without the fear of being used or manipulated. Her ability to be vulnerable and honest about herself has shown me how to become those myself. I finally feel seen and acknowledged.

She has endowed me with the tools to recognize triggers and tame reactions, which helps me get through the worst days. Thank you, Namitha, thank you very much for taking all that kindness and love that I didn’t know I had and helping me realize them for myself.


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