I had been comtemplating therapy before I reached out to Ms. Namitha, now she is helping me meet a version of myself that I didn’t know existed or I had somehow lost touch with over the past two three years. She always tells me that it all boils down to ‘you’, and when you think of it that is extremely powerful. It is through therapy that I started seeing things that I blissfully ignored in the past and yes it takes time to accept the past but through that you can create a stronger and brighter future for yourself. She is essentially helping me realise that slowly i’ll start to learn how to prioritise my ‘peace’ and limit or even deny access to those who disrupt it because sometimes I will have to choose me or I’d end up losing me. I think the approach that is being used by my therapist has been working out pretty good for me. It’s a judgement free and safe space for my thoughts and views where I get to truly express my feelings and gain an insight into where I might be going slightly wrong. Ms. Namitha strives to create an extremely warm and comfortable space by maintaining healthy professional and personal boundaries and I am extremely glad that I took a right decision at the right time!


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