John Wagner once said, “If each day is a gift, I’d like to know where I can return Mondays.” and then lasted long.

You wake on a Monday morning and wish to delete it. All you do is work till Thursday and dream of Friday. Stressful blue Mondays are a trend in the present system. And till Saturday, human is flush out. But have you ever wondered why Monday’s bore you so much? Let’s find out.

If Monday had a face, I would have to punch it!

Monday mornings are stressful for only one reason – back to work. After a good weekend, returning to work is stressful to many. It is recorded that most cases of high blood pressure are found in those who are getting ready for work on rich Monday mornings. There are 20% more chances of heart attacks on Monday.

Ways to beat Monday blues –

1. Plan short work plans on the weekends

Complete free weekends Can make it difficult to return to work on Mondays. Plan short work schedules on weekends, which keeps you in tune to work and lets you enjoy your work all day long.

2. Don’t mess with sleep cycles.

The weekend is full of party moods, and these party can go all day long. And may extend to nights. This may eventually mess with your sleep cycle. So ensure that you skip the night when you have a long Monday waiting for you.

3. Plan an extra fun activity on Monday

Reschedule your exciting Fridays to your Mondays. This does not mean to procrastinate. Plan your Monday like you plan your Friday. This can be done by keeping your day – light and filled with fun activities. Create an environment of fun around you.

4. Give a treat

Buy yourself a small treat on Monday for working extra, or just a treat for no reason will do. Treat yourself for everything that makes you happy. This will reinforce the energy. Turn your Monday blues to Monday whites.

5. Avoid overplanning on Mondays.

Do not over-plan your Monday. It’s just a day in a week and not a whole week. Start slow, and take it smoothly over the week. Plan your week in prior, if it helps.

Planned Mondays can be tedious, but sometimes it can just save you from another blue and sad day. So this Monday, take a pause and flush your stress out.


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