Whenever the world come out with problems, Phoebe immediately ran to her happy place. This happy place brought her so much comfort and loved that she forgot all her stress and lived happily ever after.

Do you have a happy place? Run your brains out, and there are so many places out there. Okay, I guess you can’t think of one. Don’t worry; I will take you to mine. Okay. All right, so you’re in a meadow, millions of stars in the sky. Just the warm breeze and the moonlight is flowing through the trees. How did that work out for you?

My happy place is a low budget one, But your happy place can be a trip to vegas or your kitchen. The happy place can also be just taking a nap or skipping a day work. We all have a different happy place. But before you move to your comfort place, let’s understand how does this work.

Shah Rukh Khan once said, “I feel the king of the world.”

There are various reasons why a happy place works out for you. One of the most important is that the place is your discovery. You create your happy place. As this place is your discovery, you have complete control over it. You get to decide your people in your happy place and control them. If you wish your girlfriend should be there, she will be, with less chaos. You are the king of the world.

It is a gateway to escapism.

The happy place is away from chaotic situations from the world. It is a medium to escape from reality. Staying in your happy place for a while, can restore your energy and motivate you to think better for yourself. It is important to understand escape from reality can be a better idea to understand reality, But reality is the truth of life.

Pursuit of happiness

It is essential to know where your happiness lies. There are instances where escape from the real world, is not where your happiness may lie. So it is important to understand your style of happiness.

Let’s discover your happy place.


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